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About Us

Le Square is a leading interior furnishing company in Kochi, Kerala. We pride ourselves on our ability to create superior products. Do you like to make your home a stylish one or ultramodern facility in your office ? Le Square has just the perfect solution for you. Your design ideas get refined and shape up to form stunning interiors with the professional touch of Le Square. We specializes in commercial space / office interior, home interior, Hotels & Showrooms At Le Square we take in to consideration aspects like architecture, environmental factors, space utility, functionality and design, colors and shapes are picked to go with the latest trend and match the client preference. A systematic and thoughtful approach has earned us strong clients and some great interiors that stands testimony to our commitment and efforts.

The work of a professional can make all the difference. Le Square provides innovative solutions for all residential and commercial environments. Le Square’s diverse range of products can be customized to your individual requirements, allowing you to create your own personalized design to your own specifications. Our team maintains an absolute commitment to quality at all stages of production as our objective, from the beginning of production to completion of all items of furniture, is to totally satisfy the customer’s requirements.